14 Service Street, Clunes VIC 3370

PHONE: 03 8102 6021


Wesley College Campus use at Clunes

At the start of each term, Year 9 students embark on an eight-week journey of discovery, in Clunes. They have the opportunity to learn through self-directed projects, group programs, community service programs and volunteering for community events, all of which give a wonderful richness to their Clunes experience.

The support of the Clunes community is a vital factor in the success of  this life-changing experience. The successes of all students are acknowledged, no matter how subtle or how obvious those successes may be. There is much growth and change, some of which may be noticed immediately and some not until weeks, months or even years later.


  • Food and Grog
    (There’s a good IGA 200 metres from accommodation and many good restaurants on Main Street)

  • Linen, pillow, doona, towel

  • Music, music stand, stand lights